UrbanPonics is Growing!

We are Launching our Permanent Exhibit at the Middletown Grange Fair!

The Kickoff is from August 17th through August 21, 2022.

Middletown Grange Fair, Exhibit Building #1 

There will be live fish, plants and people showing off multiple growing systems.

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You’ve got choices!

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Before & Getting There

Well, we are all sitting in our new spot at the Middletown Grange with just a concept. And then the fun began! A few fail forwards but we are getting there!

Re-Purpose Re-Use

This is a rebuild of Webb’s protoype which gave us a good place to start!

Next Steps

Here is the beginning of planting the IBC Unit and the construction of the Strawberry Wall (actually herbs, strawberries and leeks now).

Spray Away!

Laura preps the trays for the “Strawberry” wall.

Here it comes...

Webb’s trusty truck was just big enough for the commercial fish tank!

Fish for days!

Fish for both tanks now! 

IBC gets the little guys and the bigger ones go in BIG blue.

Educating each other

Matt from Hollow House Farm & Webb sharing intricacies of planting systems

She's coming to the Fair

Riding in style, headed to come visit!

We are here to support people who desire a sustainable, secure food source.

Urbanponics are the people you contact when you want to know what alternatives there are to current food sources for you, your group, your community.

We can assist in multiple ways:

    • Selecting a system that fits your goals

    • Sourcing and setting up the equipment

    • Educating and training your team of growers

    • Maintaining and supporting the life cycle of your chosen system


from small home units to large commercial 


individual to a community endeavors


learn and do all together

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