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The Issue

Food sources are challenged!

UrbanPonics started because there is concern about the quality of our food.  Our produce spoils from traveling too far or have been grown in soils tainted with forever chemicals. Our leafy greens are constantly being recalled with bacteria or some other dangerous and unhealthy production mistake. And we contend with food additives and fillers being a whole mess in and of itself!


from small home units to large commercial


individual to community endeavors


learn and do all together

The Solution

Growing good food year-round with good people is an initiative too great to ignore.

With the advent of indoor growing operations, we have made great strides in growing food indoors. Systems for Hydroponics and Aquaponics can grow fantastic amounts of leafy greens, herbs, peppers, tomatoes, squash, and a lot more. Know that together we can build a sustainable Food System as well as a sustainable Human Resource     

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Our Mission Becomes Yours

Empowering Local Neighborhoods with the Vision and Tools to Provide Foods, Year-Round through Education Advocacy and Hands on Experience.

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