Who We Are

UrbanPonics is a non-profit dedicated to season-free agriculture, equitable access to nutrient-rich food and the sustainability of our natural resources. We educate individuals, communities and traditional farmers on hydroponics and aquaponics benefits and support job opportunities in vertical growing, contributing to economic development and transforming the way we acquire our food.

Where does your
food come from?

Together we can build better food security for every community, and bring work to neighborhoods by growing our own food. The time is now to change how we support ourselves!

Let’s work together!

Do you know

40% of all food in America is wasted before purchase.

31% of food is thrown away after consumer purchase.

10.2% of U.S. households experience food insecurity.

Grow food where you live, no matter where you live.

  • Healthy, Nutrient-rich Produce
  • Reduction of Transportation Costs
  • Less Space, Waste and Chemicals
  • Conservation of Natural Resources
  • Careers in Vertical Growing

Know the benefits of growing food indoors!

Our Goals

Engage communities in learning about sustainable year round farming. Build a dynamic farming initiative for schools and communities that become part of the local food supply chain.
Develop agricultural career opportunities beyond traditional farming.


Why UrbanPonics?


Empower neighborhoods to provide food year-round through education, advocacy and hands-on learning.


End food deserts, reduce waste, preserve our natural resources and create careers for the next generation of farmers.

Let’s work together!

Growing Systems

We have several types of vertical growing systems from individual to commercial farming units.

Bato Buckets


Farm Wall

Support Services

Installation, Maintenance and Consultation

UrbanPonics offers direction and guidance in the installation and maintenance of your growing system. We can also install and maintain your unit to support your successful harvest.

Lets work together!

Our Partners