Do You Know What These Are?

Clay pebbles or hydroton (sometimes referred to as LECA- light expanded clay aggregate) are a hydroponic substrate with units about the size of marbles or peanuts.

In other words, we use them in the trays for the plants to grow in.


from small home units to large commercial 


individual to a community endeavors


learn and do all together


You’ve got choices!

Through the development process UrbanPonics has built several unique units that allow our growers to choose a unit that is appropriate for their use.

There are also components for units available on the market that work well for larger scale production.

The First Prototype

Well, the Mastermind gathered up all the bits and pieces to create this trial run. There was more lettuce and hot peppers than you can imagine! There was tomatoes and green beans as well. Next move is to add the fish.

Small Unit

In your home or office this size is manageable.

Showing Off

Johanna and her husband were so pleased with our home unit install into her yoga studio! Little did we know that a week later she would get a whole new one.

Part of the Installation

Webb aand Dana working on the assembly.

Coming Together

Webb, Merrill and Ann getting the lighting and plants situated.

Gotta have Fish

Ann is filling up the 30 gallon fish tank.

Educate as We Go

Johanna learning some of the working of an aquaponic system.

Well it Happened

Urbanponics fail forward and we replaced the original unit with a beautiful oak one.


UrbanPonics can answer questions regarding the unique system that will fit your needs.

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UrbanPonics has developed a growers training course that will take new participants through creating a sustainable enterprising hydroponic system, no matter what the scale.

Our training is designed to educate all members of your community with an emphasis on teaching those with developmental disabilities. This incorporate empowering everyone to support each other while taking care of our needs to grow our food locally.


      • Build out of a system
      • Growers to manage your system
      • Harvest and distribute

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