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Our dream is to make food go round! Of course money makes the world go round. Be part of the solution!

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Elbows, Grow Trays, LED lights, Water Tanks, or even Fish! It takes all kinds of things to set up a system.

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Well the best way to learn is by doing. Building, Growing, Harvesting or Marketing, many hands make tasks fun. We laugh a lot!

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This is how we do it, at least for now.

Paypal let’s your credit card do the easy work!

Sweat equity is running low.

Donate Parts

Bring it on! 

We are very resourceful.

If you think you have something that we can reconstruct into a hydroponic unit, we’re game! 

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You and Your Friends Can Be Sustainable Farmers!

Improve your food , Improve the things you and your friends can do. 

We had to write something in here so you take it and run with it.

Watch out for scissors!

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